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Garda Town is on the South East shore of the Lake Garda and is the town that first springs to mind when you are considering a holiday on Lake Garda.  Garda is one of a number of lovely places to stay on the South East of the Lake, beginning with Garda, then travelling South to Bardolino, Cisano, Lazise, Peschiera and Sirmione.

The main Garda attraction just leaps out at you as you make your way into Garda and that is the most fantastic bay area.........San Francisco eat your heart out!!    Although this has been photographed and included on travel sites and brochures, nothing can be a substitute for the real thing!

The other main attraction of Garda is the lakeside promenade.  Although not as long a Salo, it is much, much wider and also traffic free and this is where the heart of the town lies.  The hotels, ice cream parlours, shops, bars and cafes just spill out onto the pavement with waiters rushing across the street armed with pizzas and tagliatelle for their hungry clientelle who are sitting at the lakeside ready to eat while enjoying a wonderful view.

Garda is buzzing with boats and ferries arriving and leaving, some with the inevitable bikini clad sunbathers on deck ensuring that they receive admiring glances.  And if you don't own a yacht with a built in babe, you can always rent a motorboat ranging from a fun chugalong to a full sized cruiser and take to the Lake yourself.  It's amazing how far you can get in an hour!  And how much fun it is on a sunny day!

The whole lakeside area is very flat so its very popular with walkers and cyclists who cycle around the lakeside path to Bardolino.  What is also surprising is that Garda has a beach.  OK its little white pebbles and you can't build a sandcastle with it but it is still very nice for sunbathing, as just outside of Garda that is precisely what you find people doing.

The night scene is also quite spectacular at Garda.  OK there is a nightclub, Papillon but that's not what Garda is about, it is simply that Garda, like many other Italian towns transforms itself into a nighttime Paradise with soft lighting all along the promenade enhanced with the different coloured neons from each of the pavement cafes and shops, and with a band playing most summer nights

Garda is also a surprisingly good shopping town too, not just for tourist regalia, but with some interesting shops selling some very cool clothing (the fashion centre, Milan is not too far away), art galleries and a wide selection of other shops in quite a labyrinthe of small streets to explore.

For culture there is the Castle to visit, Rocca di Garda, Villa Albertini (pic left)and the Palace del Capitano della Serenissima which is a charming Venetian Palace.  Garda is also a great base for ferry trips to see any of the other towns on the lake.

Garda is a great place to stay or visit and use as a base to visit any of the other towns on Lake Garda including the cable car to Malcesine.  It isn't far from Gardaland, Movieland, Aqua Paradise Park, Sirmione and Verona and complimentary buses run to the themeparks.

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