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Gargnano Tourist Information

Gargnano is a very pleasant village North of Toscolano-Maderno and Gardone Riveria and makes a pleasant stop off or base for a holiday.  It is rather small so if you stayed here you would want to use Gargnano as a pleasant base to visit many of the other towns and areas of the lake, but is a really nice little town to return to at night and enjoy a pizza or a quiet drink on the promenade.  Although things might liven up every Sunday when the market arrives.

There are in fact three villages very close to each other at Gargnano, Gargnano itself, Villa and Bogliaco (how can somewhere that nice be called Bogliaco?).  Gargnano has no particular aspirations but is a quiet nice place to chill out, if that is what you are looking for in your holiday.  A certain Mr Mussolino liked it here and lived in the Villa Feltrinelli.

For those who enjoy history you can checkout the monastery of San Francesco at Gargnano founded in 1289, with the original cloisters remaining tody and Villa Bettoni-Cazzago which can be seen from the lakeside road at Bogliaco as a rather eccentric collection of sculptures along a very decorative orange and yellow decorative wall. 

Toscolano-Maderno Tourist Information

These are the twin towns of Maderno and Toscolano, which are just a few kilometres North of Gardone Riveria.  Toscolano is actually a river as well as a town and features some of the widest beaches on Lake Garda which are actually situated between the two towns.

Maderno is the prettier of the two towns with a lovely curved promenade with fantastic views along the shoreline and across the lake.  Maderno also has a lovely 12th Century church of Sant 'Andrea on the lakefront, with its pink, grey and white striped facade.

There are a lot of hotels in this relatively small area and also a good number of bars and restaurants.  Worthy of mention is a rather Caribbean looking restaurant on the lakefront with an elevated level looking right over the lake.



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