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Limone is the main tourist centre on the North West shore of Lake Garda.  It is a dramatic scene with a town nestling at the bottom of steep mountain slopes, as if the Lake was carved out from between the mountains (which is probably was during a previous glacial movement!).  Limone Hotels are a popular destination with visitors wishing to see the North West of Lake Garda.

There is much debate about the name "Limone" which means Lemon in Italian.  Apparently the name is derived from the latin word "limes" work that one out!!

Limone is found 9km South of Riva on the West Coast of the Lake and is a very pretty town, built for tourists. There is a nice promenade with an interesting selection of surprisingly high quality shops interspersed with some other interesting shops including a rather unusual dried fruit store.

There are some very nice restaurants and pizzerias particularly around the tiny little harbour area and a second street behind the promenade, its narrow gauge having a wide variety of shops selling unlikely items such as model cars and kitchen ware.  Further around the harbour are some nice leather shops and clothing stores.

We can also talk about the the remains of the limonaie where lemons used to be cultivated, which can be best be described as wooden greenhouses, now only the upright posts remain or the Roman Church of San Benedetto, but overall Limone is best described as somewhere nice to stay or go for the day where time just seems to pass in a very pleasant way.

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