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You may have been to Disneyland in Florida and also in Paris but don't expect Gardaland to be more of the same.  It is distinctly Italian and absolutely wonderful.

It's not a Disney themepark at all, its an Italian themepark with as much care and attention to detail as they put into their food.   There was just ride after ride after ride, from the fast moving, turning upside down G force thrills of Magic Mountain and Sequoia to the getting soaking wet on the Colorado Rapids Ride.  The gentler rides were really good too, with fantastic fantasy scenery and so much imagination all with the Lake Garda backdrop and lovely blue skies.

The Dolphin show is fantastic as well, and the only chance you'll get to see Dolphins on Lake Garda since none of them live in the lake as far as we know.  This was an extra admission fee, which was unexpected, but well worth it.

If you have 'bambinos' or smaller children, the Fantasy Kingdom is just a feast of colours for their eyes, with lots of great little rides for them, the only problem being that they'll want you to bring them back again!

No need to bring sandwiches because there is none of the usual cholesterol boosting lardburgers on sale here.  This is Italy and the food in Gardaland is surprisingly good with a range of restaurants and snackbars to choose from.


Gardaland Rides and Attractions

4D Adventure
Baby Pirates
Baby Pilots
Blue Tornado Roller Coaster
Parisian style Carousel
Colorado Rapids Ride
Doremi Farm (childrens area)
Fantasy Kingdom
Funny Express
Flying Island
Green Caterpillar Ride
Jungle Rapids
Magic House
Magic Mountain
Magical Tree House
Merlins Castle
Myth of Atlantis
Sequoia Adventure
Space Vertigo
Top Spin
Valley of the Kings

Shows and Themed Areas

Gardaland Theatre
Rio Bravo
The Arab Souks
Sweet Town
Marionette Theatre
Toy Town


Aladdin Self Service Restaurant
Blue Tornado Fast Food
Buccaneers Cove Restaurant
Captain Nero's Inn
Pizzeria Saloon

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