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(by our guest contributor)
Hey man this place is cool!  Ok I guess I didn't expect it to so cool but I really liked it!

Also being American, one of the first things I noticed was the chow, it was awesome!  Like I'd never eaten in a themepark before!  The salad and the rest of the dinner at the Zorro restaurant was just amazing, I just wish I'd taken a photo, but I mean, what sorta guy photographs know what I'm saying?

And these actor guys worked really hard, like I was Steven Spielberg or something!  And I was there right at the end of the season even the crew looked straight off the set at Santa Monica.   I thought all the shows were all off the hook [i.e. great], but I thought the Blues Brothers Show was really special and even a bit risque in parts....but hey the kids can explain to the parents afterwards!  But all the other shows were great as well man....I just felt I had to pick one I liked best you know!

I got really wet on the X-Splash log flume then got offered a poncho for a euro at the U-571 Submarine sim......still a quick spin on the Hollywood town dried off the levi's!  Weather was good as well....stayed warm even after dark!

This place just got a great atmosphere, for Mom's, Pops kids or just a whole bunch of friends looking for a great day out.  So checkout Movieland, Canevaworld, Movie Studios Park or whatever the heck they call it.....


Blues Brothers
Legend of Zorro
Rocky Horror Show
Terminator 2
Rambo Action Show
Movie Magic
Stuntmen Academy
Cartoon Network  

Rides and Attractions

Hollywood Tower
XSplash (Logflume)
XSpeed (Roller Coaster)
Horror House (for Adults)
Scary House (for children)
U-571 Submarine Simulator
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